Nesting is a son of a B****

Hello crazy lady, oh wait, that’s me! Never in a million years would I have pictured myself as the person that would go gaga over a cutesy room. “What a waste of time and energy” I’m sure I said at some point. Don’t get me wrong, I love a cute baby room, but I did not see myself actually doing one. I’m what people call LAZY. But then, five months in, someone else takes over my brain and all I can think of are the most complex and time consuming decorating ideas possible. A hand painted wall mural? Sign me up! Custom built, themed shelving? Add it to the “honey do” list (sorry husband…). So we’ve torn up carpet. We’ve moved two rooms worth of furniture and junk into any available crevice of our home. We’re living in a maze of bed frames, boxes, and STUFF. Just so this little person, who won’t give a hoot, can have a “cute” room. I am rolling my eyes, at myself.


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