People lie to you when you’re pregnant

We spent a good amount of time with family and friends this weekend. Between a wedding, a lake day, and helping our friends tear out their kitchen we got in some good face time. This weekend taught me that I have wonderful, amazing, supportive people in my life. It also taught me that they are a bunch of liars! Throughout all three of these events I was showered with compliments, “You look fantastic!” “I can barely tell you’re pregnant!” “You’re glowing!” By mid-wedding I was starting to get a big head. And then it all came crashing down around me in a pile of good intentioned lies. I saw myself if a full length mirror outside the women’s bathroom. Yikes. In the maxi dress I had chosen (for comfort) I not only looked very obviously pregnant, but I could also see all the cellulite on my butt and thighs. Like could really, really see it all through the thin dress. I saw that my arms have gotten flabbier, my thighs thicker, and my ass wider. It was all there, staring back at me. I did not look fabulous. How could these people so blatantly lie to me?? I felt down on myself and irritated at my “friends” and “family” (read with an exaggerated sarcastic voice). I was sad and grumpy and feeling sorry for myself. And then I got over it. Of course they are going to say those things. And honestly I’d be a hell of a lot more pissed if they said I looked fat or ugly or anything else unhelpful. But more importantly, they truly believe what they are saying. They see me as glowing and beautiful. They don’t see me through my self-critical lens. They know I am doing one of the most physically demanding jobs a person can do and are commending me on surviving it. They love this little man that hasn’t even been born yet and they love the woman carrying him. So in all honestly, they aren’t lying. I may not see myself the way they do. I’m still comparing my body now to my pre-pregnant body. So I am thankful that they are there to remind me that I am loved, supported, and maybe even glowing a little bit.

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