Camping pregnant

This last weekend we did our annual friends camping trip. One of my favorite summer traditions. We’ve watched our group expand as little ones and fur babies are added to the individual growing families. This year we had 15 adults, two toddlers, one infant, nine dogs, and two buns-in-the-oven.

One of those buns was of course mine. We were in a camping site, had our tent, and an air mattress. It was nothing extreme. I still wasn’t sure how it would go. So many other aspects of being pregnant have been a shock to me that I didn’t know what to expect. There ended up being some slightly more difficult tasks but honestly it went really well.

I was less helpful with setup and tear down than I usually am. I’m slower these days and with the tummy in the way, can’t carry awkward, heavy objects. I had to miss out on some of the late night campfire shenanigans because I simply got too tired. The high heat was more unpleasant than it would normally have been but, thanks to prepared friends (parents already), there were easy-ups around for added shade. The most challenging, not surprisingly, was sleeping. An air mattress with two people is tricky enough. One person moves and sends the other flying. Since my husband is heavier than me I spend most of the night trying not to fall into his gravitational pull. This is of course all complicated by a belly and a hyperactive bladder. But you know it wasn’t as difficult as it could have been and I got enough sleep to function the next day. That’s good enough for me.

Camping always refreshes me. I love the time in the woods, the lack of cell phone service, and the true quality time with people I love. I’m so grateful that, despite other pregnancy struggles, this was not one of them.

So friends camping 2018 was an all-around success. And I cannot wait until next year when this little guy will be on the outside for all the festivities.


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