Ode to my chiropractor

As my belly grows,
My butt does too.
My ever changing body,
Doesn’t know what to do.

The aches start up,
The pains flare.
No longer can I sit,
Or walk without a care.

My days drag,
I hurt from toe to head.
I’d rather sleep,
All day in my bed.

But on the horizon,
There is a hope.
An appointment ahead,
That allows me to cope.

My chiropractor!
That beautiful being.
She saves my body
And makes my heart sing.

In the waiting room,
My excitement grows.
Relief is coming,
My body knows.

Laying on my belly,
Special pillow below.
She moves my leg,
And pushes my toe.

With expert care,
She knows what to do.
To fix my aches,
And feel like new.

With every crack,
And pop into place.
The pain dissipates,
With a smile on my face.

Then to the icing room,
With the comfiest chairs.
To soothe my back,
And ease my cares.

After today,
I can last another week.
When I’ll see her again,
For that glorious tweak.


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