How being pregnant has given me more compassion for my husband

You read that title right. You’d think it would be the opposite right? I’ve talked about the plethora of pregnancy symptoms I’ve experienced. One of them has been a runny, stuffy, clogged nose every. single. day. Yes, that is actually a pregnancy symptom!

Having never struggled with allergies or any other sinus issues this is very new to me. To the extent that growing up my family never even had tissues. On the rare occasion one of us was sick and needed a nose blow, we’d just use toilet paper. I came to view tissues as a luxury item that only fancy people had. Seriously.

That changed when I met and moved in with my husband. He has seasonal allergies (if by seasonal you mean every season). He’s always sniffing and snorting and tissues are a staple in his home.

With this symptom I have a whole new understanding of the daily annoyance of it all! I wouldn’t have thought that such a small change would be such a pain. But it is. If my nose isn’t actively running it is dried, crusty, and always clogged. Cute huh.

I have a much better idea what his daily (and nightly) experience is now. I used to get annoyed with his constant sniffing. Sometimes I just wanted to yell, “Do you have to do that every FIVE SECONDS??” Yes, yes he does and I get that now. Because having that lovely human leakage running down your face or down your throat at any moment is the worst.

I also understand the need for a nice soft tissue when blowing your nose is an hourly occurrence. So I guess I’m a fancy person now. Because between him, me, and our therapy practice, I am drowning in tissues.


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