Pregnancy brain is real

Have you seen this?


I would say this is true except for one large category of arguments – anything to do with memory. At all. Where did you put that thing? What was that one movie with that one guy? Anything. Because pregnancy brain is real and it turns your head to mush.

I cannot tell you how many things I have forgotten (because I can’t remember them all… ah haha see what I did there?), times I have gotten distracted, and reminders I’ve had to write. If it is important I have learned to write it down immediately and in my phone. Because the chance of getting distracted before even getting to a pen and paper is real. And I go ahead and ask Siri for a reminder while I’m at it. Because I’ll probably forget to look at my phone notes.

The severity of this has therefore landed me in dead last place when arguments requiring memory are at hand. Which is a lot of them. And I can’t even really argue because I KNOW how little I know right now. So I have to accept defeat with grace. Or at least fake it.

I am also convinced that my husband is taking full advantage of this development. Both being therapists we are aware of how faulty memory can be. That history, emotions, and perspectives (etc, etc, etc.) influence memories at the time they are stored and at the time they are recalled. So of course people remember the same event completely differently.

Usually we apply this knowledge to those fruitless debates of who is “right” and don’t focus on arguable details. But now he has the upper hand, in a major way, and it sucks. Honestly I wish I had less awareness of my state and could jump into battle in blissful ignorance.

But I am aware. Very aware. And it makes my debate game pretty weak. For the most part I’ve accepted this and taken on a “quit while I’m ahead” stance. This is actually working out ok because frankly I’m too exhausted to fight anyone on anything anyway.

I’ve forgotten what my point was in this post… have I come full circle yet? In case I haven’t here’s a quick recap:

1) Pregnancy brain seriously impacts memory and focus.

2) Write things down.

3) You may still win arguments involving memory if your significant other would rather admit defeat than make you cry, or scream, because hormones are as real as pregnancy brain.

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