The universe told me so

I almost forgot this happened. Story time! Whether you believe in signs or just coincidences, I think this is a good one.
By now we know we are expecting a boy. But many moons ago, not only did I not know I was having a boy, I didn’t know I was even pregnant. At least not for sure.
We were actually out of town at a conference when I got the first inclination. When I got home I was anxious and excited, but I didn’t want to test early. I’d seen through friends, and personally, the stress and heartache that can cause.
So I took myself for a walk to ease my nerves. While I was walking I was listening to a meditation (I am a therapist after all). This meditation focused on trusting your body in regard to pregnancy and fertility. As I followed the meditation I was directed to welcome in a baby. Into my head popped “Welcome little Star-Lord” (we had just watched Guardians of the Galaxy). I immediately corrected myself. Don’t say Star-Lord, I thought, you don’t know if it’s a boy. At that exact moment I looked down at the sidewalk and there I saw a little blue, deflated balloon with bright white letters that read, “It’s a boy.”
Oh. Em. Gee. Right?? I told myself not to read into it but it nagged at me. I wrote the details down in my phone’s notes so that if I did in fact find out (20 weeks later) that we were expecting a boy, I could remember. And here we are! Well, 30 weeks later now, because pregnancy brain. Whatever you believe, that is either the most epic coincidence, or, it is the universe telling me so.


*Not the actual balloon

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