Feeling human again… for now

For someone who knows and preaches the importance of self-care I had been letting a lot of little things slack. In my daily exhaustion sometimes the best I could do was plop on the couch and stay there. This morning I had a little energy so I finally took care of those little tasks that make me feel human. Make me feel like myself.

I finally removed my toenail polish – for a long time I’d just thrown another layer on top when they looked scraggly, but that really only works for so long. I shaved my legs, hallelujah! And not an easy task for an (almost) 36 week belly. My husband will also be happy about this one, he likes Star Wars and all, but didn’t plan on marrying Chewbacca. I dyed my graying hair (yes, my doctor is fine with it), followed by a nice long shower. I lotioned and oiled myself into a shiny, slick, fragrant blob. And I am currently sitting, feet propped up, with fancy anti-swelling lotion a friend gave me.

I haven’t felt this good, or this normal, in weeks. Maybe even months. I recognize that most of the things I did today are barely more than basic hygiene. But you’d be surprised how much you stop caring about when pregnancy hits hard. At least I did.

Sure when I go to get dressed I still won’t have any clothes that fit and the ones that do make me look like a tent. My shoes will be practical rather than cute and they will still be tight and uncomfortable, thank you swelling. But for now I’m basking in the fresh, tingly glory and appreciating that I took some time for me today. You should do the same.


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