Meet KC

Hey! Call me KC.

I am about to be a first time mom…. holy crap. I am 6 months (as of July 2018) pregnant with a little dude. I’m excited and anxious and terrified and thrilled. I have education and experience that should help me in this new adventure but, until I hold this little nugget, I really won’t know. Here’s some of my background in a nutshell:

Education – Bachelor Degree in Psychology with a minor in Child Development. Master Degree in Counseling and Educational Psychology. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. BAM.

Experience – My mother owned and operated an in-home preschool basically my entire life. I grew up watching her and when I was old enough, working summers as a teacher’s assistant. Throughout high school, and even before, I babysat ALL. THE. TIME. Not to brag or anything… but business cards were made. I financially survived college and grad school by working as a full time nanny to some awesome kids.

So. As I dive into this new adventure of mommyhood I want to take you all along for the crazy ride. I want to share the triumphs and the struggles. I want to connect the things I have learned to the development of my own child (experiments anyone?) And I want to see how many times I have to eat my words when I can’t stick to my own advice. Because as a therapist working with kids and families and parents, you best believe I’ve doled out a lifetime supply of parenting advice.

OH! And did I mention my husband is a therapist too…. stay tuned!

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