Pregnancy Products I love

I LOVE Amazon. I mean who doesn’t? In fact between today and tomorrow I am expecting six packages, and I’m stoked. When I became pregnant I scoured articles and blogs about the products that other women have used to ease pregnancy symptoms, stay comfortable, and pamper just a little. Since I love suggestions from other people I figured I’d do my own!

To make this list I pulled up all my Amazon orders since finding out I was pregnant. I added the ones I truly use and like and left off the ones that were flops (should I make a list of products to avoid?) You’ll notice a lack of anti-nausea products, which are frequently part of pregnancy lists. I tried a lot of them. I didn’t include any because my nausea has been so severe that the only thing that worked for me was medication. Super bummer.

Last note, the links below will take you to Amazon products. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases when bought through these links. Now, without further ado, here are some of my favorites:

Body Pillow There is too much good to be said about this one. Life saver. Love. I’ll honestly keep using it even when I’m not pregnant. You can wash the cover, it’s super soft, etc., etc., etc. It’s worth it.

Belly Support Band These came highly recommended by friends when I became pregnant. Because I am the dutiful person I am, I checked with my chiropractor before buying this. She said that they are awesome for physically intensive activities (I was painting baby’s room and our guest room at the time) but not to use it daily as you want your muscles to strengthen naturally. I’ve used this for walks, painting, housework, and other exhausting activities.

Belly Butter There are a lot of these out there. I have tried a few and this one has been my favorite. I use this nightly and sometimes in morning as well. It goes on easy, absorbs quickly, and smells fine (not my favorite or least favorite smell). It goes all over my belly, hips, and boobies.

Belly Oil I use this on the same areas I use the belly lotion, but I put this on after showers or if I am particularly itchy. I love Burt’s Bees and this is no exception. It smells soooo good.

Sleeveless Cardigan I am literally wearing this now – in green. Since none of my clothes fit and I don’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe, I wear this over my old shirts that are now very tight to make them a little more pregnancy friendly. I wear it to work (with jeans and a black tee) and on the weekends (with leggings and a tank top).  It’s HOT right now and this adds class and modesty without adding heat. As I write this I’m thinking of getting another one in another color.

Compression Socks Again… wearing them right now. I started to see some veins in my right calf become darker and sneak their way to the surface. I wanted to nip that in the bud before it turned into legit varicose veins. These have been great, I’m already seeing improvement. I’ve ordered more (one of the six packages arriving today/tomorrow). If you’ve never used compression socks, they are a little tricky to get on and off because they are tight. This is especially difficult with a belly bump. But the awkward struggle is worth it. Oh and this comes with two pairs.

Maxi Dress I ordered a lot (maybe six?) of maxi dresses to help me survive this summer pregnant. This is the only one I liked. I sent some back and others (because of pregnancy brain) are still sitting in their return packages, far past any date of return… oops. Anyway, this one if comfy, covers my bra straps, and cute. I’ve worn it to work with a cardigan, to a wedding, and out and about for errands. I got the jade color.

Under the Bump Leggings Be still my beating heart, I looooove these leggings. They have the v-front that goes under the bump. I got the 2 pack of black and dark grey. The fabric is super stretchy so they never feel tight or uncomfortable. Now, as my booty has expanded, my underwear can be seen through them if I bend over too far… you know the see through legging bend. They are by NO means see through, I wouldn’t wear them if they were. But you can vaguely see patterned underwear if you do the bend. Also, a warning!! I loved them so much I went back and bought the capri version and they were completely see through. They were made from a completely different material. Don’t get those.

Grandparent Sign This is how we announced my pregnancy to my parents, awww. Turns out it came with two signs (mistake? I dunno) so it is also how we announced to my husband’s parents. It was super cute.

So there you have it. Some of my favorite pregnancy products. I will probably keep adding to this list as I go so, if you’re interested, check back in. Happy shopping!


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